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All testimonials are verified customers who have reviewed us on platforms such as

Kidpass, Yelp, GigsaladTakelessons and Thumbtack.

Private lesson

Juan P.

A very energetic and enthusiastic instructor. Tammy came very well prepared for her lesson and brought readily custom-made materials that make the lesson very smooth. Our son is really excited about his piano lessons again!! Thanks a lot!

Private lesson

Christine V.

Love Tammy. She is great with my 9 yo son, very patient and when it comes to learning a piece she adapt's the music to his level of learning as well as using forms of encouragement to push him out of his comfort zone when necessary.      

He's learned a lot considering he has only been taking lessons since the end of August.  He learns the lessons quickly with reinforcement at home.  I would recommend her anytime.

Private lesson

Agnieszka K.

Since I was a kid I always wanted to play piano. Tammy not only has patience to teach me but also she helped me to select the piano. Our weekly meetings are something I am looking forward to. It feels very relaxing yet already after few lessons I can see my progress. Tammy's studio is conveniently located near 72nd street station and she is very flexible with hours too to match my busy work schedule. I highly recommend Tammy as your piano (or other instrument)  teacher.

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